Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Victoria Burger Blog Does Lunchbox Laboratory


The Smoker at Lunchbox Laboratory By wesleyrosenblum (notice the Vaseline on the lense, just like a sortcore porn movie...)

Or maybe that should read The Lunchbox Laboratory does The Victoria Burger Blog. I'm not certain if his description of the experience can be consider safe for work, especially if you are working south of the border. But it is both a concupiscent and hilarious description of what apparently was a long time obsession.

Truffle Love at Lunchbox Laboratory By poopoorama

Personally, I hope dk, stayed in Seattle long enough to be able to eat at least a second hamburger. Perhaps the Tear Jerker or Truffle Love, depending on if he felt it was going to turn into a true long distance relationship or if it was merely a holiday fling.

The tear Jerker at Lunchbox Laboratory By february 22