About the Montréal Burger Report

The Montreal Burger Report is My Dinner with Andre meets Rocky & Bullwinkle at Martin Picard's place or The Montreal Burger Report is Firesign Theatre meets the film Tom Jones at Le Chien Fumant.

This is the companion blog and website.

The Montreal Burger Report is your source for the most in depth and comprehensive coverage about hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and sliders in Montréal. It is a podcast / radio show where we talk, eat burgers and drink beer. The best burgers in Montréal, the worst burgers in Montréal and the almost endless variety of burgers in Montréal.

The Montreal Burger Report is a weekly podcast dedicated to burgers in Montréal. You can also hear it Wednesday mornings on CKUT, 90.3 FM in Montréal , and you can subscribe to our podcast or you can subscribe to the Montreal Burger Report by Email.

Contact us at MontrealBurger@gmail.com.

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