Friday, April 29, 2011

Coming soon to a corner near you


More from Burger Week at Eater. This time on "up and coming burger chains." A) They need to get a better person to do their graphics. On this map, they got it ALL wrong.

All the logos should be moved one place clockwise. Elevation Burger is form Arlington, Virginia (on the east coast of the United States), Mooyah is from Texas (a 6 o'clock on this map) and Smashburger is from Denver (pretty much where the Elevation logo is). And apparently Smashburger has plans in place for Canada (how would you translate Smashburger into French?)

B) Somehow they manage to overlook Dic Ann's, Smart Burger, m:brgr, Burger de Ville, Buns Hamburger House, Frites Alors or any of the other up and coming burger chains here in Montreal?