Thursday, April 28, 2011

Marie-Claude Lortie and I obviously hang in different circles...


She talks about how Le Filet has been the new restaurant that's been getting the most "buzz." I would, politely, beg to differ. From my perspective it has been iBurger.

Le Filet:
Hour review - March 10, 2011
Montreal Gazette review - April 23, 2011
La Presse review - April 25, 2011
On Facebook, 34 likes and 90 Check-ins.
Twitter hash-tags, 0
FourSquare - 48 people/56 check-ins
Urbanspoon: 39 votes
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Will Travel For Food, Montreal for Insiders, global38-news, Roasted, Robert Barakett, Popcorn Plays, Alors on Mange, Les chroniques gastronomiques, and Bread and Molasses. (9)

Montreal Gazette review - April 1, 2011
La Presse review - March 21, 2011
On Facebook, 880 Likes
Twitter hash-tags, 2 in the past 24 hours. (And more without a hashtag)
FourSquare - 136 people/214 check-ins
: 19 votes (!)
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Blog Marketing Web 2.0 et Tech, Grad Life, 5One4, Society for Environmental Graphic Design, Tourism Montreal, Technosterone, ahoodie, Digital Signage in Canada, Montreal.TV, and Dishcrawl. (10)

But no matter how much "buzz" there is, the food is infinitely better at Le Filet.