Monday, July 5, 2010

Some Great Burger Pictures


While it hasn't quite been as relaxing as I had hoped, the break has proved to be interesting to say the least. There have been (and will continue to be) changes here, there, and elsewhere, most notably; I'm going to try to publish three new posts on or about hamburgers and cheeseburgers in Montreal before 9AM every day that there isn't an episode podcast. And then, depending on how things go, I might start changing the nature of the podcasts, somewhat. But more on that development if and when it happens.

The Strasburger Photo by voteprime

burger with milkshake and fries horizontal Photo by MLA 2.0

Cheeseburger Photo by mhaithaca

Roasted Garlic Cheeseburger Photo by amanky

Photo by timothybscott