Monday, July 26, 2010

L'Epicerie on Ketchup, Mustard & Relish


Looks like I can get a couple of videos out of the way all at once. Back in June L'épicerie did a 5 minute segment on condiments (thankfully at the beginning of the show). doesn't do embedding, so click here if you'd like to watch.

Or I can summarize: Three cooks, Michel Daviau from Frites Alors, Simon Frechette from Les Belles Sœurs and Peirre-Luc Chevalier from La Cantine sit around on a deck. They dip french fries into ketchup, hot dog bits into mustard, and eat relish using a spoon. They make inane comments ("mmmm," "this is good," "I don't like this one," etc) while tasting. And then somehow they decide which ones are best.

Given that Frites Alors uses pre-peeled potatoes, I'm inclined to discount anything and everything M. Daviau says. And as they are only tasting industrial food, I also question why anyone would want to eat it. But according to them (but I don't know how they chose) Selection, President's Choice and Heinz Organic are the best ketchups, Heinz has the best mustard, and No Name is the best relish.

Yeah, right...