Thursday, July 29, 2010

Exactly what is needed; A Fab Hot Dogs for hamburgers


Over on the left coast, Jonathan Gold writes about a restaurant in Los Angeles where you can get a variety of regional dogs. Or as he writes: "a Carolina slaw dog and a North Jersey Italian hot dog, a Bald Eagle and a Midwestern-style Coney dog." Personally my favorite line is "the frankfurter diaspora."

It occurred to me, especially after seeing the film Hamburger America, that doing something like for the hamburger would be wonderful. Instead of having to travel all over the place (whether it was the country or Montreal is irrelevant) all you would need to do is park yourself in one seat and eat to your heart's content! Guber Burgers, Butter Burgers, Deep Fried Burgers, along with everything that didn't make the cut in the film all in one place - Awesome!