Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Montreal Burger Report 95, La Paryse (Part One)

Episode 94: La Paryse (Part One) [16:05]
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Good day and welcome to episode 94 of the Montreal Burger Report. Where your heroes Chris 'Zeke' Hand and Ryk 'E Coli' Edelstein are looking for parking before entering into the Montreal Institution known as La Paryse. They discuss The Special, The Veggie Burger and other menu items. They order and then try to figure out how to describe the restaurant.

The Burgers

The Veggie Burgers

Thank you very much for listening to episode 94 of the Montreal Burger Report where your heroes Zeke and E Coli ordered their burgers at the Montreal Hamburger Institution La Paryse. How long will it take for their burgers to arrive? Will Zeke have a second one? And what about the fries? Find the answer to these and other questions next week in episode 95 of the Montreal Burger Report. Same Burger time, same burger channel.

The Counter

The Wines by the Glass

La Paryse is located at 302 Ontario East they are open Tuesday to Saturday from 11 AM until 11 PM. Their phone number is (514) 842-2040. And the website is

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In a nutshell; The Montreal Burger Report is a reality radio show kind of like Top Cat! meets the film Tampopo at Newtown. It is a radio show and podcast where Zeke and E Coli go out have a couple of burgers, some beer and talk about them and to the people who make them. There is a new episode available every Wednesday morning at and on CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal. If you would like to write to us, our email address is

The Montreal Burger Report is your source for the most in depth and comprehensive coverage about hamburgers, cheeseburgers, both with and without bacon in Montreal.

This episode of the Montreal Burger Report was written and produced by Chris 'Zeke' Hand. We would like to thank CKUT for their support, The Whitlams for the music, Chris Gobeil for the voices in your head, and YOU for listening.