Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Burger, Mr. Prime Minister?


Down south they celebrated Presidents Day on Monday, and in honor of the mid-winter holiday βurgerβusiness came up with a list of Presidential Burgers. Which made me think of making a list of Prime Minsiterial Burgers. It'll be a little bit easier, seeing as how there have only been 22 PMs vs. 44 Presidents. But first, how many Canadian Prime Ministers can you name?

John Abbott
R. B. Bennett
Robert Borden
Mackenzie Bowell
Kim Campbell
Jean Chrétien
Joe Clark
John Diefenbaker
Stephen Harper
William Lyon Mackenzie King
Wilfrid Laurier
John A. Macdonald
Alexander Mackenzie
Paul Martin
Arthur Meighen
Brian Mulroney
Lester B. Pearson
Louis St. Laurent
John Sparrow David Thompson
Pierre Trudeau
Charles Tupper
John Turner

Now can you put them in chronological order?