Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Montreal Burger Report 92: Le Jolifou (Part Four)


Episode 92: Le Jolifou (Part Four) [15:19]
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Good day and welcome to episode 92 of the Montreal Burger Report. Where our heroes are at Le Jolifou waiting for their food.

It took 21:05.903 minutes from the time the wings were ordered to the time they arrived. Once the wings were done E Coli texted a friend who had recently been at Le Jolifou to ask about her experience.

Other people waiting for their food at Le Jolifou, notice the romatic lighting.

It then took took 10:15.405 minutes for the burgers to arrive.

Zeke eating a different burger at Le Jolifou

The waitress (whose name we missed) finally comes over and inquires as to how our meal is going... E Coli let her know.

Thank you very much for listening to episode 92 of the Montreal Burger Report where Zeke and E Coli tried to eat the burgers at Le Jolifou. What went wrong? Will David Ferguson be able to make everything alright? And how would you describe Zeke's epiphany? Find the answer to these and other questions next week in episode 93 of the Montreal Burger Report. Same Burger time, same burger channel.

Le Jolifou is located at 1840 Beaubien East they are open Tuesday to Sunday nights until 10 o'clock at night (later on Fridays and Saturdays). Their phone number is (514) 722-2175. And the website is

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This episode of the Montreal Burger Report was written and produced by Chris 'Zeke' Hand. We would graciously like to thank CKUT for their support, Johnny Hicks for the music, and YOU for listening.