Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Montreal Burger Report 88: Restaurant Tous Les Jours (Part Five)


Episode 88: Restaurant Tous les Jours (Part Five) [10:30]
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Good day and welcome to episode 88 of the Montreal Burger Report where Anna & Spiro Papadatos discuss the details of how Restaurant Tous les Jours makes and serves such good hamburgers.

All that was left after a BlissBurger and a CharmBurger

In today's episode the lovely and talented Anna Papdatos explains where the names of the hamburgers at Restaurant Tous les Jours come from. She then lists the most popular items on the menu. Zeke then asks would they open another Restaurant Tous les Jours? Anna and Spiro try to explain the popularity of Restaurant Tous les Jours while Zeke attempts to flirt with Anna, but fails. In episode 86 of the Montreal Burger Report Anna had stated that the Grilled Chicken Salad was the newest item. But, in fact there is a newer item on the menu. Spiro uses a charcoal grill to cook the burgers at Restaurant Tous les Jours, and talks about how he cooks the hamburgers. Then they both explain how they learned and were trained to cook and serve.

The Bill

Anna compares Restaurant Tous les Jours to Cheers and Spiro states that the family restaurant is a dying breed. Anna likes having a place where you can get an egg sandwich. They serve extremely big portions and emphasize the reasonable prices, the quality, and the service. Their ground beef is never frozen, and ultimately they they just try to keep thing simple.

Why some people refer to it as Steerburger Tous Les Jours

Where will your heroes eat next? Will it be a good burger? And what sound effects will Zeke use? Find the answer to these and other questions next week in episode 89 of the Montreal Burger Report. Same Burger time, same burger channel.

Restaurant tous les jours is located at 1689 Mount Royal E they are open Tuesday to Sunday from five o'clock in the morning until eight o'clock at night. Their phone number is 514-523-1727.

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