Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Episode 86: Restaurant Tous les Jours (part three)


Episode 86: Restaurant Tous les Jours (Part Three) [11:55]
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Good day and welcome to Episode 86 of the Montreal Burger Report where your heroes, Chris 'Zeke' Hand and Ryk 'E Coli' Edelstein finish eating their hamburgers at Restaurant Tous les Jours and leave.

The CharmBurger at Restaurant Tous les Jours

'E Coli' steals a chunk of Zeke's Charmburger. He thinks that there is salt, pepper and MSG in the burger. Zeke has difficulty finding the pickle in his CharmBurger. 'E Coli' reminds Zeke not to put his double cheeseburger (aka The CharmnBurger) down unless he doesn't plan to pick it back up. Zeke points out that the bun can't quite absorb all the juices from both patties and then on top of it, his burger falls apart. 'E Coli' thinks that Anna Papadatos is one of the best servers our heroes have ever had had Zeke agrees.

Eating a CharmBurger

Our heroes try to guess what the most recent addition to the menu was (and are spectacularly wrong). Zeke requests a fork while 'E Coli' goes to the bathroom, which he points out is extremely clean. Our heroes have a brief discussion about old brands of beer, and 'E Coli' points out that Restaurant Tous les Jours would be a great place to go for breakfast in the middle of the day.

What fell out of the bun

Zeke requests the bill, and points out how the decor reminds him, slightly, of Mr. Steer. Anna Papadatos returns with the bill and inquires if Restaurant Tous les Jours is getting a good review. 'E Coli' asks for details on the fat content of the beef and where it is ground. He then comments on how low the prices are, and Zeke asks about the newest item on the menu. 'E Coli' is amazed at how inexpensive the food is at Restaurant Tous les Jours. Our heroes pay up front, and then leave.

O'Keefe, celle qui se prend en douceur.

Restaurant tous les jours is located at 1689 Mount Royal E they are open Tuesday to Sunday from five o'clock in the morning until eight o'clock at night. Their phone number is 514-523-1727.

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