Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Montreal Burger Report: Dilallo Burger Part 4


Dilallo Burger Part 4 (11:39); (MP3 15MB / FLAC 6MB / Ogg Vorbis 9MB / Stream)

Chris 'Zeke' Hand and Ed (Blork) Hawco continue to discuss the decor at Dilallo Burger on Notre-Dame Ouest, and Blork declares the crumble factor of his Dilallo burger to be "perfect." On his way back from checking the plumbing, Blork spies something in the kitchen that explains the perfect crumble. (You need to listen to the podcast to find out!)

Chris's Verdict

Chris 'Zeke' Hand looking happy eating one of the best hamburgers in Montreal at Dilallo Burger

Two words: Absolutely Scrumptious. If you'd like something a little more detailed. They are extremely good burgers. They are great burgers. The only reason I can't say that they are the best burgers in Montreal is because I refuse to saddle anything with the label "Best of." That said, I highly, highly recommend and strongly, strongly suggest that you go and eat one or two, or three, or more) of their hamburgers as soon as you can.

Ed's Verdict

The Dilallo burgers I ate were delicious. They're freshly made to order, and they're not gussied up with silly stuff. I recommend you skip the lettuce and tomato and focus on the beautiful burger simplicity. The beef is fresh and has a perfect crumble factor, although it would be even better if there were a bit more crust. The bun is, at first glance, nothing special, but in fact it's my preferred type. I'm not crazy about big brioche style buns, or huge Kaisers. This is a nice soft, pliable white bread bun; perfect for holding your burger together but not in any way competing with it for attention. Dilallo Burgers are not fancy, and that's half the reason why they're so good.

Address: Various. The one we went to is at 2523 rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montreal. (See clickable map, below.)
Phone: 514-934-0818
Web site: None.

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