Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Montreal Burger Report: Le Faste Fou Part 2


Le Faste Fou Part 2 (12:47); (MP3 18MB / FLAC 80MB / Ogg Vorbis 11MB / Stream)

Chris 'Zeke' Hand and Ed (Blork) Hawco find some cracks in the belle visage of Gainzbar while trying to decide whether the Montreal Burger Report is impressionistic or expressionistic and then get into a discussion of the finer points of what makes for a good bar experience, along with trying to figure out the concept and process of the Montreal Burger Report. Just when you think there'll be no talk of any actual physical and three dimensional burgers they venture out into the cold (this was taped in January) only to get sidetracked again...

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(Montreal Burger Report: Le Faste Fou Part 1)