Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ricardo & Ethné de Vienne make some hamburgers


And go about bass ackwards. First, since I can't embed the video from Tou.tv, you gotta click here to see it (assuming you want to see it...).

Second, I've met Ethné and she is very nice person, so no one should think that this is personal.

But, ground beef for hamburgers should only be seasoned on the exterior before cooking. And ground beef for hamburgers should never be manipulated with your hands. (see #8: Don't futz with your meat)

Ricardo adds ginger, garlic and an egg (one quick clue that something is not quite right with the burgers when you add an egg) at 10:39 of the video, adds his salt at 12:21 and the spices at 12:35 and then manipulates the whole concoction for 99 seconds! (From 14:24 to 16:03).

I have no idea how the burgers they cooked tasted, but I presume that with the ginger, garlic, egg and spices that it wasn't too beefy, and I would also venture a guess that the texture was much closer to meatloaf than a hamburger. So I figure that they might want to rename the recipe Meatloaf berbéré/berbère d'Ethné de Vienne.