Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chelsea Cheeseburger on Etsy


Seeing as how there ain't much local hamburger news here, I'm expanding the concept of the Montreal Burger Report slightly and now will occasionally present Burger Art that I feel wouldn't be hurt by a little attention on your part.

Chelsea Cheeseburger by beforethegiraffe

It's a 4" x 6" acrylic painting. Small, actually tiny. If I had seen it live and knew slightly more about Ms. Giraffe's work, I'd consider calling it a study. But since I haven't and I don't, a painting it is. As Ms. Giraffe writes, she supplies "the world with big eyed girls & their dreamy friends."

I'll take her word for it that this is an early example of her work. In the fullscale version it looks a little rough around the edges. ie there are gaps, smudges and her lines aren't as precisely delineated as one might expect. But this adds to the naif-like charm of the painting (study).

I can't quite figure out if Chelsea Cheeseburger is using the french fries as ski poles, or if she is holding onto them for support since it doesn't quite look like she is the most balanced person in the entire world. And given her expression, I venture a guess that she was either looking down a black diamond trail, or contemplating precisely how difficult that next step she was planning on taking is going to be.

Given that when this painting was made, Ms. Giraffe states that she wasn't in the happiest of moods, I'd also venture a guess that Chelsea Cheeseburger could quite possibly be a reflection of Ms. Giraffe's state of mind at the time.

On sale for $20, which is better than a bargain. And I don't make a single red centy (or any other money of any other color for that matter) off the deal.