Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Montreal Burger Report: Bifteck St-Laurent & Buns Part 1


Bifteck St-Laurent & Buns Part 1 (11:19); (MP3 15MB / FLAC 121MB / Ogg Vorbis 9MB / Stream)

In this episode of the Montreal Burger Report, Chris 'Zeke' Hand and Ed (Blork) Hawco head up Boulevard St. Laurent for a visit to familiar territory. Both Chris and Ed have been on and around The Main for a couple of decades, so a trip to Bifteck St-Laurent for a few pre-burger beers brings out the nostalgia. As Ed struggles to remember if he really did get some beef at the Bifteck, Zeke recalls that this is the place where he learned it was OK to "leave beer over."

The guys get all "meta" and discuss the hamburger checklist and rating scales judiciously avoiding terms like "best," "meilleur" and delve instead into burger rating territory with words like "grind" and "crumble," while trying to come up with a better word than "gushy." They decide to have another beer as they prepare to visit a newcomer to The Main, the minimalist Buns, at 3673 Saint Laurent.

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