Friday, March 25, 2011

The aesthetic experience and the burger


Over at Ratsdeville Ianik Marcil complains about economists impinging on his turf. But one of the most fun things you can do with whining an essay like this is to put it through a machine translation.

Sentences like Mais l'Art, le vrai, le grand, le transcendant? become But Art, truth, the great, the transcendent? and La consommation d'un hamburger comble un de mes besoins, la contemplation d'une œuvre d'art, non: elle me transforme, elle transforme mon regard sur le monde. becomes Consumption of a hamburger fills one of my needs, the contemplation of a work of art, no, she turns, she turns my world view.

If you don't quite understand my fascination with art and hamburgers, try this, Zeke's Alternate Art #%^$#@! a different blog that I edit.