Thursday, August 5, 2010

CBC's Homerun piles on the burger train


Yesterday, the powers that be at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation decided to spend the afternoon talking about burgers on the radio. I'm not certain if I can get a dub of the show (they emailed me asking if I could participate, but unfortunately I was unable to do so) but their Twitter Feed and the posts to their Facebook page remain.

For the record these are the burger joints that made it on to the internet (wih addresses): Steerburger Tous Les Jours, 1689 Mont-Royal E; Le Gourmet Burger, 1433B Bishop; Five Guys, 54 Cite des Jeunes, Vaudreuil; Frites Alors!, multiple locations; La Paryse, 302 Ontario E; l’Auberge du Dragon Rouge, 8870 Lajeunesse; Les Belles-Soeurs, 2251 Marie Anne E; Dilallo, multiple locations; l'Anecdote, ; Mr. Steer, 1198 Sainte Catherine W.

And while I'm at it, I do not understand why Homerun insists on using Facebook. Facebook is an American company that makes money by selling advertising. The Homerun is a Canadian radio show that for the most part doesn't have any advertising. Why they want to send internet traffic to Facebook so that that Facebook can make money (especially when the CBC is constantly complaining about not having enough money) is beyond me. [End of Rant]