Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Montreal Burger Report Episode 42: Decca 77 & Firegrill (part 5 of 5)

Episode 42: Decca 77 & Firegrill (part 5 of 5) (14:07);
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[AUDIO]Chris 'Zeke' Hand, Ed (Blork) Hawco, and guest Montreal burger reporter Frank Hashimoto debate the good and the bad of the Firegrill burger experience. The result is an existential quandary in which the burger is simultaneously a good burger and not a good burger.

[caption id="attachment_973" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Firegrill burger with fried slivered onions."]Firegrill burger with fried slivered onions.[/caption]

Ed's Verdict

Firegrill makes a pretty good burger, but the big-box format of the restaurant and the corporate feel of it diminishes any sense of craft. There's no way to know where the beef came from, and in my case the taste of the beef was overshadowed by the taste of the barbecue sauce (my own fault for ordering that one). That said, I give Firegrill points for keeping it juicy and not overcooking, and for keeping the toppings on point and suitable for a big juicy burger. On balance, I think it was pretty tasty, but not particularly distinctive.

Zeke's Verdict

I was impressed with how good the hamburger at Firegrill was. Part of it is due to how low my expectations were going in - however any place that will cook a hamburger rare for me, instantaneously becomes a good burger joint, if not a great burger joint in my mind. That being said, the generic nature of the restaurant does take something away from the whole experience - but not as much as I would have thought. Add to that the Deep fried onion, and anytime I think of Firegrill it makes me smile.

Frank's Verdict

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the burger. Firegrill is much like other many of the other nicer generic restaurant chains where you could expect a decent burger. Given that their raison-d’etre is food cooked on a grill, you could either expect that they know how to cook all variations of meat or that they are geared toward grilling steaks and would overcook your burger. I’ve usually found it to be the latter so I was quite content to have gotten a nice juicy burger well-seasoned to bring out the flavour of the meat. Plus the burger itself was well constructed with fresh ingredients. As far as comparisons to other restaurants, the burger was not good enough or special enough to make it a burger destination, but if I found myself there and didn’t have a craving for another menu item I would be happy to order the burger.

Decca 77
Address: 1077 Drummond
Phone: (514) 934-1077

Address: 1490 Stanley
Phone: (514) 842-0020


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