Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Montreal Burger Report: Le Bifteck St-Laurent & Buns Part 3


Bifteck St-Laurent & Buns Part 3 (14:16); (MP3 19MB / FLAC 152MB / Ogg Vorbis 11MB / Stream)

Before leaving Le Bifteck St-Laurent, Chris 'Zeke' Hand and Ed "Blork" Hawco solicit opinions from some of the bar hounds, such as Shan the Man. Across the street at Buns, Ed reads the menu, which takes about 12 seconds as all this place makes is burgers, and there are only a few variations.

Inside Buns, Zeke and Ed meet the owner of both Buns stores, who explains the concept and provides some details on the meat. (Canadian beef, 15% fat). The meat is ground off-premises, but they form the patties in-house daily. Zeke asks the burger cook if he can have his burger rare, and the reply is swift: "no." The boss then provides an explanation as to why rare ground beef is riskier than rare steaks or roasts.

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