Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Montreal Burger Report: Le Faste Fou Part 5


Le Faste Fou Part 5 (13:02); (MP3 19MB / FLAC 78MB / Ogg Vorbis 11MB / Stream)


Chris 'Zeke' Hand and Ed ("Blork") Hawco tuck into their burgers and have a lot to say about mayonnaise, soft buns, beefiness, and parachuting. The burgers, while not lacking in flavor, do have some other lacks. A distinction is made between a critical lack and a non-critical lack. Listen in...

Ed's Verdict

Le Faste Fou's burger was tasty enough, and was presented on a nice soft bun (which I like), but it suffered from two problems: too much mayonnaise and not enough beef. That second problem -- not enough beef -- was the worst offender. After all, I believe that a burger's main attraction should always be the meat, and when that is lacking in flavor or volume, the whole package suffers. Had Le Faste Fou offered a double-burger option, I might have been more thrilled. In the end I'd rate it at as "pretty good" but not great.

Zeke's Verdict

It was that sense of lack that to this day stays with me. It wasn't a bad burger per se, but it really didn't have anything going for it, either. I'm not a big fan of any kind of ranking system, and it was only because of Ed's persistence that I answered the questions about which burger was the best burger among the many burgers that we had eaten. Overall, it wasn't a bad burger, but it wasn't a good burger, either.

Address: Various. We went to the location at 6390 rue St-Hubert, Montreal. (See clickable map, below.)
Phone: 514-271-3069 (St. Hubert location)
Web site:

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