Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Montreal Burger Report: Au Feu, Part 1


Au Feu Bistro Allumé — Part 1 (10:25); (MP3 11MB / FLAC 55MB / Ogg Vorbis 7.41MB / Stream)

Au Feu Bistro Allumé is was a small and well established neighbourhood bistro on the corner of Ave. Mont-Royal and St. Dominique in the Plateau. Prior to the burgers, Chris and Ed warmed up down the street at Plan B, where they discussed the upcoming burger adventure over a couple of beers.

The podcast kicks in after they arrive at Au Feu. Check the links above, and listen in as they discuss beer, their expectations for the upcoming burgers, and a bunch of other burgery stuff.

Sadly, Au Feu closed for business soon afterward Chris and Ed's visit and has been replaced by a new and well lit café. Regardless, the Au Feu burger report is running anyway, because we'd hate to have all those beefy words wasted, and as a tribute to the passing of a good restaurant.

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The burger ditty that introduces the Montreal Burger Reports' Au Feu reports is Hamburger Hop by Less Than Jake.